The Source Best of Winners 2011

The Source Weekly’s Best of Central Oregon 2011 edition is out, and the local beer scene is well-represented.  No real surprises here, but definitely good to see multiple categories.  Next year maybe expand it with a “Best Ale Trail Experience” category?

Best Brew Pub: 10 Barrel
If you’ve driven by 10 Barrel anytime this summer, this award would come as no surprise.  It is constantly packed with people soaking up the sun (and the beer).  Deschutes came in 2nd this year.  I’m curious if the Deschutes remodel will have any impact on the belt staying with 10 Barrel next year?  Or will a dark horse come in and unseat the “champs”?  Drama-filled … I know.

Best Growler Fill: Boneyard
No brainer here.  You can’t beat the prices for Boneyard’s Wednesday growler fills … 6 freaking dollars!!!  Hell … one pint in this town can set you back north of 4.00.  For six bucks, I’ll have a little over three imperial pints?  Oh, and it’s a pretty damned good IPA?  Yes … have some!

Best Locally Brewed Beer: Deschutes Black Butte Porter
What is there to say here?  This one is on so many people’s favorites list, and is one of the two primary beers Deschutes uses when it enters a new market.  It has proven itself time and time again, and still remains absolutely delicious, year in and year out.  The beer kicks butt.  End of story … or is it?  There’s that tasty Boneyard IPA nipping at Black Butte’s heels in 2nd place.