Goodlife, Boneyard, 10 Barrel, BBC … recognize!

Bend Oregon Brew Fest 2011We here at Bend Oregon Beer have been in recovery mode from the Bend Brewfest.  It was definitely fun, and there were plenty of excellent, interesting, and not-so-great beers to be had (Mint Kolsch … really?  Was that necessary?).  During our time away, our local breweries haven’t missed a step and are hard at work accepting accolades, growing their facilities, and continuing to pump out the delicious nectar we all love.

So as a quick catch up post, we give you a smattering of tasty news nuggets surrounding the activities of 10 Barrel, Bend Brewing Company, Goodlife and Boneyard …

10 Barrel:

Bend Brewing Company:
  • Brewmaster Tonya Cornett gets some well-deserved love in a great Q & A with Ninkasi’s Jamie Floyd


  • Their Biergarten is officially open (post to follow)
  • The Mountain Rescue IPA tied for the People’s Choice Award at the Bend Brewfest (first showing there too … not too shabby).


  • They announced Little Woody offerings of a Bourbon Black 13, Bourbon Girl (Twisted Sister), and Suge Knite (1/6 barrel being tapped up 7pm sat at little woody, aged 200 days in whiskey oak).
  • The RPM IPA tied for the People’s Choice Award at the Bend Brewfest.