Bend Loves Beer and Oregon Does Too

Oregon Loves BeerBend really does love beer!   Bend has the most breweries per capita in the nation, ringing in at 50 pints of craft beer per person per year according to this article.

Not only does Bend love beer, Oregon loves beer!  The Oregon Brewers Guild recently release the 2010 Oregon Craft Beer Production Numbers.

Following is a break-down of the 2010 Oregon production stats.  Impressive to say the least.

  • Oregon produced 1.085 million barrels (270 million pints)  in 2010
  • Roughly 14.4% of the 2.7 million barrels of all beer (both bottled and draft) consumed in the state were made in Oregon
  • Oregon leads the nation in consuming the beer it makes and consumption increased by 16% from 2009
  • The brewing industry contributed $2.44 billion to the state economy
  • Retail sales of Oregon-made beer sold in the state totaled approximately $235 million in 2010
  • Oregon breweries added 200 jobs in 2010, in total they provide 4,900 jobs state wide (that doesn’t include the local businesses that support the industry)
  • The state of Oregon has 91 brewing companies operating 121 brewing facilities in 50 cities
  • Portland has 40 breweries within city limits (population: 583,776)