Below Grade Brewing

by on September 16, 2010

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#11!  Wow, Bend somehow has to have more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the nation.  It’s crazy or maybe I’m just crazy.  Here’s everything worth knowing right now.  Check out the Below Grade Brewing website (nothing there yet) for more info and updates.   I’ve got more work to do and will add them to the site post-haste.

Dean Wise has applied for a brewery-public house permit from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, as well as required federal permits, under the name Below Grade Brewing. Wise’s plan is to keep Below Grade small as he tests the market “to see if people will buy it on a regular basis—to see if it’s worthy.”

Wise has been a homebrewer for 18 years.

Initially, Wise plans to brew in his NorthWest Crossing home. For the first six to 12 months, he plans to brew three or four batches of beer at a time, bottling the product for retail sale and possibly selling kegs to bars.

He thinks his first retail beers could be two different India Pale Ales and an Old Ale.

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