10 Barrel and Deschutes Behind The Scenes

Deschutes, Ten Barrel, FacebookBoth Deschutes and 10 Barrel published some nice behind-the-scenes pictures of their brewery operations this week.

  • 10 Barrel published a picture of their new hop-back, which will allow them to use whole leaf hops to flavor their beers.  I’ve noticed what is coming across to me as increased attention to their IPA’s hop signature in recent trips to their pub.  This will allow them to layer even more subtle hop flavors and aroma into their beers.  I personally appreciate any brewer wanting to give me more hops, without sacrificing balance. so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing (and tasting) what comes out of the use of their “new toy”.
  • Deschutes posted this lovely pic of a test batch of 2011 Jubelale.  It is good to know that while we’re toasting summer with lighter fare, the breweries are already hard at work on what will be in our glasses come winter time.
  • Deschutes also took a shot of some of their barrels holding the Belgian-style Quad they’re calling, “The Stoic“.  Judging by the comment thread on Facebook, this one’s going to go quickly, just like their other special, barrel-aged offerings.

Thanks for letting us look behind the curtains, guys … cheers!