In The Brewhouse 07/26/11 – BBC, Below Grade, 10 Barrel

This week showed we needed a place for news about specific beers being brewed, special ingredients being used, brewery equipment being installed, or any other geekery that the artisans of our local nectar may be divulging, I’ll drop it here in “In The Brewhouse”. I’m not promising anything regular, but more of an explanation of what to expect the ongoing series of posts.

Lost in the OBF beer news this week were a few little tidbits from Bend Brewing Company, Below Grade Brewing, and 10 Barrel.

Bend Brewing Company
Looks like the BBC has three upcoming seasonals coming including “Oregon Brown Ale, Black Diamond Dark Lager, and Hop Head Imperial IPA”. I had a hop head a few weeks ago, so maybe this is a round two? Anyway, we need more Lagers in this town, so thanks Tonya!

Below Grade Brewing
Racked Jack-A-Boy Pale Ale last night–expect it next Saturday at the NWX farmer’s Market.” Last week, I had their sampler last weekend, and Below Grade was a welcome addition to the Farmer’s Market.

10 Barrel
“Jimmy, Dan and Jake crushing some cherries picked yesterday going into a sour beer.” Crushed cherries added to Lactobacillus barrel, Kriek, 6 month time line. I’ve had the pleasure of trying a couple of Jimmy’s sours when he was working at Deschutes, and completely enjoyed them. I’m excited to try this, as Kriek is one of my favorite styles.

To the brewers, thanks all for the hard work, and we’re looking forward to the fruits of your labor.