In The Brewhouse 11/1/11 – BBC, Worthy, Deschutes, 10 Barrel

Deschutes 1300 bbl tanks - 3

Pray for Brandy
10 Barrel's Bobby Jackson
Some tasty nuggets from the Interwebs. In this edition of In The Brewhouse, 10 Barrel is brewing Pray for Brandy, BBC has 3 upcoming seasonals including a Black IPA, Deschutes shares pictures of their brewery expansion, and Worthy is one step closer to breaking ground.

10 Barrel Brewing Company
“Winter is near…. Bobby Jackson putting ‘Pray for Snow’ Winter Ale in Brandy barrels. We will be releasing ‘Pray for Brandy‘ sometime in the end of November.” I love Winter Ales. I love liquor Brandy. Bring on the Pray for Brandy!

Bend Brewing Company
BBC quietly announced their plans for 3 upcoming seasonals on Facebook … Axe Head Red, Eclipse Black IPA, and Scarlet Imperial Red. Have yet to try the Eclipse from BBC, but guess I’ll have the chance soon enough.

Worthy Brewing
Chad Kennedy posted a map showing the location and relative size of the upcoming east-side brewery (dedicated post coming soon). “Been working on this for months but just noticed our lot is shaped a lot like the State of Oregon. Good omen I hope.” Adding, “Worthy Brewing Co. city council meeting is Nov 16. With their final approval, we’re good to go.” Looking forward to it, Chad!

Deschutes Brewery
Deschutes posted some pictures of the installation of some of their new 1300 bbl tanks that are a big part of the overall brewery expansion currently underway. “The first 1300 bbl tank is IN!! … We’re hoping to get 5 new tanks on-line by summer 2012!”. Now that’s what I call capacity.