Get Your Little Woody On!

The Little Woody Barrel Aged Beer FestivalThe 3rd Annual Little Woody Barrel Aged Beer Festival starts today.  Jon over at The Brew Site scored The Little Woody Beer List and all I have to say is “I’m so excited!”.  There are some yummy and exciting selections on the list and I’m really looking forward to trying some of Bend’s up-and-coming breweries aged beers.  I also had a chance to try Deschutes Solace Rose down at the Pub a couple of days ago, it’s quite a unique brew.  See some of my highlighted brews below.

Hope to see you down there.


  • Bourbon Black 13, Batch #1
    Boneyard’s first batch ever brewed on April 18, 2010. 5.5% ABV, 13 IBU
    Should be interesting. 
  • Bourbon Barrel Sug Knight
    Imperial Stout that has been aged for 200 days in a Heaven Hill bourbon barrel dated, 1998. 15% ABV, 80 IBU
    Sug would be proud. 

10 Barrel

  • Rum Barrel Daywalker
    Aged with rum wood that creates a dark sugar, vanilla, and medium notes. ABV-6.4% IBU’s-50
    You had me at rum wood. 
  • Tequila Barrel Daywalker
    A malt comprised to create a reddish hues that accompanies the caramel notes.
    Oh Jimmy!  You know the way to my heart. 

Three Creeks

  • Crosswalk Imperial Porter
    Aged in a whiskey barrel for nine months for a bold, bold taste and an ABV of 10%.
    I like whiskey! 

Deschutes Brewery

  • Solace Rose
    This Flanders-style brown ale, fermented with fresh Washington state cherries and aged 18 months in pinot noir barrels, ABV 10.5%, IBU: 30
    Unique combination of some of Dissident variations. 
Bend Brewing
  • Outback X
    BBC’s most award winning beer that’s aged in a Heaven Hills bourbon barrel just for The Little Woody.
    This is a classic!

The Little Woody Hours

  • Friday, 9/2 from 5pm to 10pm
  • Saturday, 9/3 from Noon to 10:00pm


Des Chutes Historical Museum
129 NW Idaho Street, Bend OR