Little Woody 2011, Done & Dusted

So, the winner is…

Everyone who went to The 2011 Little Woody Barrel Aged Beer Festival.

It’s great to see so many specialty brews from local breweries all in one place.

Even the new kids on the block had something to offer.

  • Good Life’s India Pale Ale was quite fantastic, with a big floral/hop aroma and a smooth but robust flavor, I was quite impressed.
  • Boneyard’s Bourbon Black 13, Batch#1 was the first batch ever brewed (on April 18, 2010) and was quite an yummy sample that was almost more like a wine than a beer.  Even though this beer had depth and complexity, it still achieved remarkable balance and was quite the easy-drinker.
The selection from the local veterans were quite exciting too.
  • Ten Barrel’s Tequila Barrel Daywalker was quite unique.  Using wooden spirals, that had been soaked in Tequila or Rum, to infuse the Daywalker provided a intense flavor unlike anything I have tried before.  I only had the chance to taste the Tequila Daywalker, which had an earthy flavor and a woody finish.
  • Deschutes Frosty the Snow Quad and Solace Rose were both fan favorites, especially if you are into the sour’s.  Veronica and crew are creating some fantastic flavors over there.
  • Three Creeks Brewing’s Crosswalk Imperial Porter was a Whiskey explosion of flavor.  Weighing in at 10%ABV it was no surprise there was a bit of Whiskey in this one.
  • Silver Moon’s Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Darkside Stout – 2010 Vintage was hands down the beer that everyone seemed to be talking about on Friday night.  The Darkside was a perfect balance of beer and chocolate and the flavor was sublime.  If you missed this one, you missed out.
Thanks to Sandy and crew for another fantastic year of Little Woody.